Keep It On The Real Songtext

3X Krazy

von Stackin Chips

Keep It On The Real Songtext
[Verse One]
Highside to the fullest, creepin up out tha house wit my mug on me
Lexus kinda clean crease in my jeans
Ready ta hit dis, want everybody to get wit dis
It's goin down tonight, up in the town tonight
Rollin vegas on omega wit tha chronic sin
Rolex on my wrist because I produce hits
Got them groupies havin fits when I'm ridin past
Tank full of gas, pocket full of cash
Sideshow's goin down tonight, made a right on 73rd
to purchase some act right, bounce back in
Crack that hen, I'm worldwide like a fifth of gin
Plus I'm in it to win, (realize), check it I'm checkin yo' chin
Ak south seven seven
My cousin they keep it up on the block East legend
There ain't no need to be steppin
We flow nine'n, got em all rewind'n, now they all realize'n
We ridin high side


Keep it, on the real (high sided)
If you're real with me, I'll be real with you yeah
(3X Krazy's got yo mind realizin)

[Verse Two]
It be astoundin, formatix around it, it paint drank down it
off the sound then you poundin, laugh and loungin
Tryin to get lit, I'm sposed ta meet my folks at the club
A cutie I tryin get that sneaky hit this bud
What would you do for love? Or is it cause I
that sickaluffa that you love, that's why I pull to the right
To put extreme to the test, me lookin her in her eye
she was surprised it was 3X in the flesh like stein
On my collar, as I took another swallow
told tha trick to follow, let's kick flow a matic sky
ridin hard then Helen, and they forgot that they was trailin
there wadn't no getaway
But now, at the club, smooth sailin wit my eb's bailin
Freakin it, all in the door worked up a sweat
She gotta pass through my fro
Went to the bar to get some mo'
Krazy juice to show it be highside when we ride
and representin the O


[Verse Three]
Fresh out the club with a dub
On the smelly ever and ready ta hit the hot tub or the telly
Got my groove on, a twist of lime blended right
Remy XO wit my lexo at the light
3 deep, Krazy till I die on my mind
Trick a nickle bag I need a 20 sack and the lime
On time when prop a position, a pimp livin
Kenneth Coles wit my bank roll, knee deep in my linen
Right befidery times puttin down fo' the 96 bumpin hoes
down wit my six or yo' sidekick
So ride this, West Coast till ya croak
the best hoe that ya know was next do'
Gettin bumped by the finest, 3X in my mouth shinin
Backstage Donna Karan shades, crushed diamonds
I'm climbin, 2 the top like Pac when I rhyme
Follow my path or get left fast far behind cause we highside


3X Krazy (3X Krazy), 3X Krazy (3X Krazy)
Realize, ya better recognize
Three times for ya mind
Gotta keep it, c'mon (3X)
3X Krazy (3X Krazy)
3X Krazy (3X Krazy)
Realize, ya better recognize, 3X for ya mind
Want you got you realizin
Gotta keep it
Don't ya recognize, livin an all good life
livin while hell's inside
yo it ain't easy, easy, easy, easy