Keep Going Songtext

Rod Wave

von Beautiful Mind

Keep Going Songtext
(Artiisan keep goin' crazy)
Yeah, yeah
What up, world?

First of all, tell them niggas hating, it's fuck 'em
Tell me, why they cross they nuts on a young hustler?
Coach told me to play, I executed it
Everybody gon' get they shot, what you gon' do with it?
Uh, wake up every day, mind on another million
Get up, get you some money, get the fuck up out your feelings
I had a harder way of living and now the stars are up in the ceiling
Front camera, back camera, whole dash digit'
On the interstate, out of state, gettin' high
You know I'm on the way to that monеy right now
No, the grind don't stop, it never did
You know thе grind don't stop and it never will
You know they hate to see a nigga win
I've been chasing this money since 2010
'Member mama found my sack and I seen her cry (Seen her cry)
Nah, I ain't getting high, mama, I'm getting by, mama (Oh, yeah)
Ayy, this 732 keep me fly, mama (Yeah)
Look at all these brand-new twenties I got, mama
Fast forward, they know my name across the globe
They can't casting just a quarter-million-dollar shows
I live on the road, I know these acting-ass niggas want my place
So I keep these capping-ass niggas out my face (Out my face)
I've been laughing at these niggas all the way to the bank (The bank)
I told these rabbit-ass niggas that the turtle win the race
On the interstate, out of state, gettin' high
You know I'm on the way to that money right now
No, the grind don't stop, it never did
You know the grind don't stop and it never will

They want me to stop, but I ain't (Keep going)
They want me to flop, but I can't (Keep going)
Know them niggas mad we on top (Keep going)
Youngin got the whole world on lock (Keep going)
Keep going, yeah
Keep going, yeah
Keep going, keep going (Everything off this all I hear, you know to keep going, I don't never stop, you know, I never stop)
Yeah, is there anyone there?

You know what's goin' on, y'all [?][2:10] I just got a—
They the first [?] happy my bills paid, I'm blessed, you know
Ayy, listen, man
Like Meek Mill said, man, just the other day
The streets back hungry, man, you feel me?
These niggas flat, watch out for these niggas, man, you feel me?
I done watched niggas turn to scammers, trappers, rappers, workers
These bitches lost and found, be careful, man
Ayy, I'm talkin' 'bout my Florida boys, the boys that were just up two hundred and fifty thousand
Just four, five months ago, just hit three hundred thousand
500K in jewelry
Ayy, y'all, just go back down some of y'all timeline
I bet you see a bitch ain't even got a chain on no more
It's over with, these bitches ready to [?][2:54]
Hairdresser ladies, y'all need y'all weaves in store
Holler at these broke-ass niggas
They [?] do 'em for sixty, fifty, they runnin' specials
Ayy, lashes, everything, holler at these niggas, man
These niggas lost and found