Jojo Action Songtext
JoJo c'est la vie His name is JoJo He's sexy talking - hip hip hip And JoJo go-go He's funky walking - tip tip tip He's sweet as honey can be A Coconut tree I feel lazy, crazy When JoJo's acting Selecting he says - you you you He takes you dancing Romancing makes you Blue blue blue He's like a bird on a tree A sweet harmony I feel lazy crazy Chorus: JoJo Action - satisfaction Candy apple tree JoJo Action - satisfaction JoJo honey bee Listen JoJo Action Gimme satisfaction JoJo c'est la vie Listen JoJo Action Gimme satisfaction JoJo come with me When Jojo's smoking He's joking kind of - tip tip tip Gives you illusion Confusion very - hip hip hip He makes you fire and ice And JoJo's so nice I feel lazy crazy Chorus Hey JoJo, you are down at the disco Turn up your collar And you're ready to go-go Hip hip hip, let's do it Tip tip tip, come on You're the man The center of attraction That's why they call you JoJo Action Hip hip hip, everybody, tip tip tip Come on ! Chorus