It's About That Time Songtext

Large Professor

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It's About That Time Songtext
It's about that time, Wooooooooooo!
Yeah, uh huh uh huh, you know, yeah
Word up, c'mon

Lights, cameras, action, it's on
Straight out the gate with another hot song
Keeping it real though, gonna last long
Break out the steel toe, coming mad strong
Bounce if you wanna, lounge or play the corner
I'm New York, talking that gangsta talk
24 bases, Q-U to Oasis
So spacious, see eyes and no faces
In there, yeah, just putting in work
For the dough so you know that I couldn't get jerked
Street mental, throw on the hoodie then lurk
In a rental, til the end of the Earth
I'm a be that fella, with the motzarella
Always cooking up the new hot seller
Putting that money in the bank like the teller
And this be the number one rank, let me tell ya

It's about that time [x8]

On the fast track chilling, creeping like a villian
In 2000, new car, new housing
Buy the whole store up style, I'm through browsing
Kid even more buckwild, I drew crowds in
Every state, and still draw 'em at every forum
Don't lose no points, I just score 'em
And count blessings, at the top of Mount Freshness
Live, getting brite, this is not no jive
Today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter
Gotta stay just moving on up the ladder
And stay grounded, remember the Bronx cause they found it
Cutting them old joints up by James Brown, kid
Golden, for I forget holding
Gotta shout out the block, 45th cold in
In Jamacia, Queens, I'm true to the fort
Every day all day, not new to the sport
And the lease be, kids in Queen is who I feast with
When I ain't in the lab, flipping beats with
Drums that pound, I be breaking it down
With homeboy van on the way uptown
How that sound?

It's about that time [x8]

There's a whole lotta rappers in the world today
Some good, there's some that got nothing to say
Some fake, some false, some imitation
But I'm the uncut raw for your generation
Work magic with terms like never before
Hang dumb rappers, leave they head on the floor
Drop hits for the hip-hop crowd that rock kicks and hats
Crisp jeans and the whips to match
Hardcore since the ??? blast, cock dip and stash
Live now and forget the past
In the street try to hustle while eating a meal
Watching out so you don't get beat in the grill
Cause the crossroads is deep, sleep and you will
Be the next one to up, I'm feeding the real
To your eardums, son, start heating the drill
One time, this is what y'all feel and I'm a still be

Yo P man I hear you doing your thang
Yeah, you know what I'm saying, just trying to
keep busy man
Yeah, I hear that, it's all good
Word up, definitely man
It's about that time
Word up man, get this money man, get paid for real
Do what I gotta do man, word up
You know what I'm saying? It's about that time, word up

It's about that time (Tawn Hill)
It's about that time (Akinyele)
It's about that time (Big Ving)
It's about that time (Abdul)
It's about that time (Exotic)
It's about that time (Big Stretch)
It's about that time (Word up)
It's about that time (Yeah)