It Will Never End Songtext
It Will Never End Übersetzung
Troy: There's a path not far away Where we'll find ourselves at crossroads Troy & Gabriella: We can all join hands and go one way Gabriella: Or we can chase down our dreams As the final song closes. Chorus: For all these years we've stood together Friends forever Now we are gonna move on The future is our divide But our friendship, It will never end. Let's hold hands one more time Enjoy the night, enjoy the memory For it will never end. Sharpey: In years from now I'll walk down the road see your face Sharpey & Ryan: The memories and laughter Ryan: The happiness will come flooding back For this is what made us strong Chorus: Chad: We're players one and player's all Fighting against our greatest rival Chad & Taylor: The unknown destiny of our lives Taylor: It doesn't matter how many falls it takes What matters is that we can get up again. Zeke: Another day down But so many more to come Jason: What's been was a warm up For what's to come Martha: We'll party until the sun rises again Kelsy: Write the lyrics to the next day's song Tira: I'll take your footsteps as a direction Jimmie: But I know to walk on my own feet Donnie: Just wait and see watch what we'll do Chorus: Troy & Gabriella: The curtain closes one last time Sharpey & Ryan: We'lle embrace each other once more Chad & Taylor: Then we're ready to say goodbye Zeke, Jason, Martha & Kelsi: And we know deep down... Sharpey & Ryan: That it will never end Chad & Taylor: That it will never end Zeke, Jason, Martha & Kelsi: That it will never end Troy & Gabriella: That it will never end All: We know now Don't need a second thought It will never end.