Inner City Shyste Songtext
[Verse 1]
He worked at the hardware store most his life
He lived in a small town, never had a wife
Oh shit, the nigga's light, Wasn't the fact that he rolled daytons???
He had a little cash, he was bringing home the bacon
He lived in the suburbs, he drove a 'Burbon
Liked to get his drunk on, blunt's and Erk 'n' Jerk'n
And since it was Friday, he wanted to show out
Come to the Inner City, stopped at the Hereford House
Now that he got his grub on, Hit up 3-9
Eye contact, that's where he seen mine
I saw him at the corner, lookin like he knew the hood
Brother's staring at him, System was sounding good
He drove on by, I saw him run the Stop Sign
Made a left, Made a right, just missed One-Times
Here they come, down the hill as he's creeping up the street
I'm suprised they didn't pull this brother over for his speed
Cause Uhh..

[Chorus: x2]
The Inner City Shyste
Brothers come fiesty
Just like me
The Inner City Shyste

[Verse 2]
He's feeling good, he got his grub on
Boy he's feeling good, he's ready to get his club on
Stopped at Kamikaze's
Parking lot full of bodies
Brand New faces
All types of races
They just came to kick it, That fell short quick
Before he could find a place to park, Somebody hit his shit
Backed into the whole rear end, more than a fender bender
Brothers jumped out, like they wanted to knock some teeth in
But to his suprise, they was about 4 deep
So he said fuck it, went ahead and pulled his heat
Approached them with caution, too late them brothers saw him comin
Didn't want to conversate, they started dumpin
So he started runnin, lookin for a way out
Didn't nobody know em to help em, if he's laid out
Meanwhile, those brothers that was busting at him
They right behind em, continuing to flush on him
Cause Uhh..


[Vell talking]
Meanwhile, as he ran inside of the resturant
He found himself surrounded by the same four civilians
he met at the club who don't tkae "No" for an answer..

[Verse 3]
He ran and he ran, til, he finally hit the intersection
Didn't want to stop,since them brothers was comin his direction
His life started to flash, cause he'd never been in this type of drama
Didn't believe his eyes, he's wishing he could call his mama
Looked down at his pistol, 4 brothers, 7 shots
Legs getting weak, cause he knows that's all he's got
Situation grim, all behind a fender bender
Got brother's trying to chase em, Up and down the street to do em in
Took a chance with traffic, went ahead and crossed the street
Ducked in Arthur Bryant's, for his safety and out the heat
No time to clown around, got the grim reaper on his back
Inner City beef, with them four brothers that pulled that strap
There's nothin else to do, but to alarm themy bout his situation
Lady can you please, call the cops before the lead penitration
Meanwhile, those brothers that was busting on him
Ran right into the resturant and started jumping on him
Cause Uhh..