Inferno Canto Songtext


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Inferno Canto Songtext
We are the living dead!
Abandon every hope, you who enter.
Rapacious ones,
Who take the things of God ought to be
The brides of righteousness and make them
Fornicate for gold and silver.

This scorched earth is all I see,
Surrounding me on all sides.
Negative energy is draining me out.

The time has come, for the trumpets sound for you.

Nine terrible circles trapped the souls of the damned,
Forever tormented,
...For the fool's riches in life!

The evils of man will be put to justice.
The evils of man will be put to just-..

Is there no salvation for us?
Is there no way to right the wrongs we've done?

Render through space and time,
our battles are not fought for nothing.