If Not Tonight Songtext

Virginia Ernst

von The One

If Not Tonight Songtext
I can read your mind
See what's deep inside
When can we be right?
If not tonight

It's just sounds and lights
But I receive your signs
So let's give up control
To the flow
Oh Oh….

Call my name,
Now the feelings overtaking
If you stay
I promise I will keep you shaking
Cross that line
Cause there ain't no time
To ever make it right
If not tonight

You can read my mind
Things can't be denied
Senses flashing through
I feel the same as you

Pressure's getting high
We electrify
Lets break all the strains
And unlock those chains
Now my heart is open
ready for the moment
In the end it's down to you
Tell me if you want to
show me what you´re up to
Let me be the one for you