I Hate Music; Music Hates Me! Songtext

Atomic Potato

von There's No Speed Limit In The Grass

I Hate Music; Music Hates Me! Songtext
I can't fight the feeling
Gave up appealing
To everyone
There's nothing else to write about
I can't predict the future
But the image can't contain me

This is how it starts
Your making anorexic indie rock
Fake broken hearts
Your music fucked it fucking sucks
Give me a reason to believe it
The point I'm trying to make it will not get across

Super size your album with a dose of poppy flair
Smothered in production now your'e gasping for fresh air
The answers pretty easy if you ask yourself instead
I know I'm wrong and I'll go on but now its time to clear my head

Your arrogance pushed me over the edge so I
took my trumpet to my face and broke my teeth
Took my guitar to my back and totally shattered my spine
(Cuz they killed punk rock)

Snapped the cord
Broke the bass and Held it above my head
and then i smashed the shit
out of my laptop.