Howl At The Moon Songtext


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Howl At The Moon Songtext
She was a sleek and slender enchantress 'd met at the Casbah

When her green eyes first met mine I was overwhelmed with awe

Well we danced all night to the tango and she lured me with her charms

As the band played how I prayed I'd awaken in her arms


And then I howled at the moon I knew that something was wrong

She'd had me in a spell and I knew it wouldn't be too long

Before I'd end up before I'd end up here in a prison cell

Oh here in a prison cell

And while we danced she swayed like a cobra you could almost hear her hiss

As her green eyes hypnotized it was useless to resist

Well she drove me home in her Jaguar and she took me to her room

Though it all seems like a dream it was there I met my doom


When she said, "Come my little fly

Come now don't be shy

Just step into my web"

I could feel my future fold as I blacked out cold

When I came to she was dead