How Do You Think You'd Feel? Songtext

7 Seconds

von Walk Together, Rock Together

How Do You Think You'd Feel? Songtext
I can't stand the way you treat girls
Aren't they just people too?
Something for you to do?
You like to f**k them
But their feeling don't mean shit to you
With your many ways
You've always got something to prove
Open your eyes 'cuz it's time you see
Its's time we were all treated equally
Just when you think
A woman's only there to take to bed
You better think what's going on through her head
You were raised to think
A woman's job is slave to man
But I'm here to tell you different
You probably won't understand
Conditioning's got you f**ked up
So you crave the upper hand
Just try to look within yourself
And change it if you can
There's no room for bruising egos
Man you rate supreme
But equality for humanity
Is what I dream
Girls are just the same as you
You're no smarter, you're no better
And only when you realize
We'll take it a step further