Holy Angel Choirs Songtext


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Holy Angel Choirs Songtext
you were irritable
oh, the morning cereal drowned
you lost your appetite
but the bed was still warm when you left
tea on the counter was cold
still adjusting your eyes to the light
the city looked new in the foggy spring weather
so wide awake, so wide
and you thought as you rode
to get air in the tires
and how she's always on your mind
you still feel terrible
hanging on the stereo
the line extends to the door
but your friends will all wait for your next smoke break
but they won't wait much more
â??cause they know
it's only who you are
and it's what you're all about
but it's hard to keep a focus
got to get this out
so they wait
well i'm still waiting for the chance to get out of here
on this frozen lake this ice don't break at all
but the hard part is convincing myself to leave here
i've got my friends and my ghosts
and the simplest desires
i'm still waiting for the chance to carry you out of there
all this traveling don't make no sense at all
but the hard part is persuading you to leave there
you got the sun on the coast
and them holy angel choirs