Hollywood Songtext
40 days in Hollywood 40 nights in hell

How's life in your comfort zone?

Out here on sacred ground I'm doing swell

The new word is I'm crazy could have told you that before

But if you've got the guts to join me leave your sandals at the door
Because there's no turning back, no wasting time

No giving up on what I know is mine

No way I'm stopping not a chance I'm backing down

I've come to fight for mercy and take this angel town

I hear it so clear it pounds upon my heart

Who will give ear, and sacrifice to start

Am I alone? If so, it is well with me

Do you know that the truth will set you free

40 days in Hollywood, 40 nights in Hell

Sweet seduction plagues the streets I know now why she fell

But there's no time for distractions and I will not close my eyes

I'm hunting for the hurting, desperate in their cries