Here With Me Songtext


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Here With Me Songtext
Here with me
Never before in my life through every hello every goodbye
Have I ever fell so far so soon.. girl it you
A beauty you are in my eyes and every touch fell so right
It's taking me deeper into you
And I would give my time my soul my love my everything
And every night no one no where nothing that can complete
'Cause you mean the world to me

Take away my car take away clothes
Take away my fame take away my dough
And I'll be OK without it
If you right here with me

Take away my house take away my jewels
My material things baby take that.too
I won't shed a tear without it
If you're right here with me

So many things I never knew about myself
So many things I never fell in no one else
You have shown me and it's only with
'Cause I know true happiness

In you I've found
I never fell and I've been around
If I had the world to give you
You know that's what I would do
Listen girl..
Say I'll be OK if you're right here with me
I'll give you any and everything just to make you see
It's you love is so you for you

If you love and make me complete


Girl you love is don't right needs...