Head In My Hands Songtext
What's your definition of a steady tracer?
Is talking to myself an attempt to replace her?
A piece of my mind and a little suspense
Always seemed to come with a little common sense

Next to no time....
Nothing\'s going right
Next to no time....
Let\'s forget that night
No one needs to know what happened
No one needs to try and understand

You\'re none the wiser
You\'ll never prove a point
I think the reason you were put on earth was to disappoint me
But it doesn\'t matter
I never had to make a stand
And if I ever did I\'d have you right by my side to lend a hand

Take another picture with your photographic memory
Looking at the still-frames taking by the enemy
Never give in or you\'ve gotta ship out
Never give in or you\'re sure to be left out