Hannibal Songtext


von Hate

Hannibal Songtext
God is in my head
The lord is in my heart and in my head
Faith inside myself, believe is what I got inside myself
Power in my guts, heavy metal power in my guts
Heat is in my mind, fire in my eyes and in my mind

Did you make me strong
Yes you make me strong
Nobody else but you could have the power
To make me so strong

War is on my way, there's a bloody trace right on my way
He was telling me, I got to rule the world with heresy
Hear me what I say, cause I'm the only prophet of the final day
There's no need to pray
I got the order - Kill 'em all

Hannibal - prepares you for the meal
Hannibal - see the glaring steel
Hannibal - is your final fall
Hannibal - got to kill 'em all