Gravity Songtext
Gravity won't let me go
Gravity won't let me go

I'm in such awe
Yet such dismay
The finite becomes infinite
Through hues of blue and grey
The darkness overwhelms my eyes at first
But something bright amid the black
It saves me from my worst
I'm higher than any man could say
But lower than the lowest point that earth can hide from me
And there she is
How can I look away
Hope glimmers all around her
But my eyes don't seem to sway

You never seemed more beautiful
Than any time I looked before
One second more I fear I may go blind
I know that I should carry on
But I cannot forget that warmth
Staring at the sun heeds warning from mankind

Gravity won't let me go
Gravity won't let me go
You'll always shine no matter where you hide
A piece of you reflects off all the matter floating by
Into the void however I may yearn
Where darkness will consume me until earth
I shall return
Though night may never fall the same
And day may never rise again
I know the orbit you inspire will set me free
I could spend another age
Drifting further away
But I hope gravity will pull me back some day

I can see for miles away
Alone and so afraid
Of what the darkness has in store for me

I can see you start to fade
Along this journey I have made
But I can't thank you more for lighting the way