Grace Divine Songtext


von My Only Shelter

Grace Divine Songtext
Life is strange, now we know it's just a game
We seek salvation, lest we face damnation
For the pretty ways that comprise just who we are
A shame filled prison awaits us all for being ourselves

Of this you can be sure, an afterlife once more
So, just do as you're told and you can have it

Oh, how we've fallen from the edge of time
Who designed this paradigm?
It's so controlling as to render us out of line
Disgrace defined – Grace Divine

We're so deranged, all out thoughts are rearranged
Controlled by forces and faux social causes
In the book of lies, they left us all behind
Cause we are the many, we are the meek
We shall inherit the earth

Of this they can be sure that hey can't have it