Good As You Songtext


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Good As You Songtext
it's all quiet now, with the city just as dark as it can be
and not a word, from anybody in at least three weeks
i'm walking down the quarter and voices .. people
that follow me where ever i go
i guess i'm good for nothing
it's easy to get used to, it really doesn't bother me more

it's like a fire
and you can feel it if you're one of my kind
it holds your potion
and if it's blended with my hatred fine
i couldn't look at anybody, i meet, i'm just as scared
i'm terrified somebody will know
but all that i can do is hide it to myself
knowing that one day it will flow

it's coming at me, it doesn't matter how i try
it's closer, but it's eating me up from inside

i guess i'm lonely
with no attention being as good as you
i should comprehend
the way that i turn to lose
and i'm pushing things a little bit hard to feel at ease
and everything i try do

and something that's not me,
and something that's not real are change kind from to cruel

it's coming at me, it's never gonna let me go
i need it - it gives attention to my soul,
and i'm sorry that i'm lettting things just run by
it's crazy and it's eating me up from inside
it's eating me up from inside
it's eating me up from inside