Get Away Songtext

Queen Pen

von My Melody

Get Away Songtext
i wanna (get away)
i’ve had enough,
so pissed off mad as fuck.
i used to want people to wish they were as rad as us,
but everybody hates me i’m bad i suck.
i wanna scream at the top of my lungs,
fuck everybody else suck up under my nuts.
been in this akward funk,
of not givin a fuck,
and looking onward,
no plans in givin it up.
continuing on,
i’m obsessed with blondes,
and hot moms,
and sick ass songs,
so as good as giving up right now can sound,
i would rather (get away) on my own for now.
i can sit in my room for awhile and sing a few diddles,
make the beats sound wild, and after a little,
have a new born child, who gets stuck in the middle,
of being critically torn apart ridiculed,
i want everyone who hates me to take me to a bridge and push me off see how long it takes me.
my friends say they’re jealous, i say their faking, if you want me to be dead then for goodness sakesies,
shake me, like a new born crying baby,
if i’m gay then put your penis up my ass and rape me,
you fucking dirty peice of shit,
i would rather fuck an ugly girl than watch your filthy ass live,
all these stupid kids are asking me to make a song with them,
you thought i sucked, what the fuck could be wrong with them?
i wanna (get away) before i hear the song begin,
and i’m not sorry even though i know i’m wrong for this.