Garbage Pale Kids Songtext
Niggas don't rap no more, they just sell clothes
So I should probably quit and start a line of bathrobes for coke like this
Yeah, we ask Siri if I'm that nigga
She'll probably answer back
"Don't ask me stupid shit, my nigga"
I'm a stone cold degenerate, working out wit no membership
I'm in LA, you wonder where the bitches went? (Where the bitches go?)
My manuscript, I can't handle it
Eat ya ass like I'm Canibus
I show up on your screen like televangelist
And they have faith that I can clap those cheeks like—
Danny Brown take your [?] more than a milkshake
And I say— (No coke here)
I— I— I'ma— no
They wanna see me fall off, but they nuts sprout
I keep the custos at the front door
We goin' around the corner, 'round the stock flow (Go)

Uh, yeah
Yeah, some of you niggas be talkin' that shit
You be spendin' all your life on your muhfuckin' raps
Gettin' locked up ain't enough
Get a strap and a dawg get shot me to the back
Shut the fuck up with them sounds like [?]
No dibs, this what you get when you packin' a MAC
This thing, it ain't out my league, it ain't right in the head
I'ma pull your daddy out his cast
(Suck my dick, bitch ass nigga)
Shut yo' fuck ass up and see it
Caught everybody, stick to the cream
Servin' these niggas like I'm Paula Dean
Plug walk, I don't cook but I eat
Hook shot, bitch I think I'm Kareem
I don't believe what you say in them beats
Niggas be [?], why you still postin' memes?
Why you ain't grab no beam
These niggas still on my feed, talkin' what he should've did
Should've-could've-would've ass nigga, why the fuck you ain't it did it?
The way that you talk someone should've been missing, my boy
It ain't real, 'less you can't see that
You can't be broke and over 30, getting your ass beat, where do you sleep at?
Come on, bro