Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out) Songtext

Low Roar

von Low Roar

Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out) Songtext
We were just kids
With visions and hearts that coincide
Climb aboard our ship
We're going whether or not that you like
Whether or not that you like

We sailed across the sea
Aimlessly, no direction or timeline
The shore we'd come to find
We'd seen before, never spoke or shared a word
No need, your true thoughts they can't be heard
You're too beautiful for words

Don't follow roads paved in gold
They will only let you down
What's the fun when you can't share what you've found
Years to build, in a second it's brought down

No one will comfort me
Will know me or what's going on inside
A vacant hole will remain that way for life
To remind me where the both of you once lied

I've learned more from this
Than anything I have read in my whole life
I bet you both laugh at that line

I miss the feel of it
Your touch, your kiss weighs heavy on my mind
Our moment forever sealed in time
Our secret as much yours as is mine
All logic we have surely left defied
I will hold you till I die