Everything You've Ever Dreamed Songtext


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Everything You've Ever Dreamed Songtext
What was it she did to break your heart
Betray your heart and everything
Kiss you with a kiss that wasn't true
It wasn't you at all
Hide behind a painted smile, did you know that
You would live a lie or two
Pull the very ground from under you
And leave you nowhere else to run

You can sail the seven seas and find
Love is a place you'll never see
Passing you like a summer breeze
You feel life has no other reason to be
You can wait [a] million years and find
That heavens too far away from you
Love's just a thing others do
What is love
Til it comes home to you *

Did she promise you the world and did that
Girl just throw your love away
Leave you like a lonely solitaire
With just despair for company
Do you think you'd find revenge so sweet
Make it so you hearts will never beat
Squeeze the very last and dying breath from
Everything you've ever dreamed