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Everybody Hates Jeremy Songtext
Breaking news today, Grammy nominated Alabama rapper Yung Bleu has been arrested for a shooting that occurred outside a Bossa Nova restaurant on Sunset
Witnesses say that an unknown assailant attempted to rob the musician as he was sitting inside a Rolls Royce Cullinan waiting for food when he opened fire in retaliation

Rising superstar Yung Bleu was back in custody court today in a Gainesville courtroom. After a long fight, he was awarded legal custody of his 10-year-old son

Okay okay, so if you haven't heard, a young lady is going viral on social media, claiming Yung Bleu flew her out on a private jet. Now she claims he never made a move and didn't feed her. Oh man, Bleu, what's going on?

Okay, so apparently Yung Bleu's wife is filing for divorce after the viral video of IG model hit social media

So Boosie is suing his brother and former artist Yung Bleu over an apparent breach of contract. He claimed today he forged his name and that he knew nothing about the deal. Yung Bleu briefly responded and had some words to say to Boosie

Get the fucking cameras out of my face. I have nothing to say. I plead the fifth. I love you and I always will. No comment