End of the Rainbow Songtext

E-Town Concrete

von Time 2 Shine

End of the Rainbow Songtext
Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Look at me, I can see it all. I went off, niggas turned soft, view from a coffin. Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait. I lost my train of thought.

Always on the E.T.A.C. and never on the defense. Defend yourself, motherfucker.

It never used to be easy, but now it's falling into place. What never came around, now is coming my way. Straight up, straight
from the streets and no fakin', I'm aching, what I see I'm taking. No time for napping, I don't believe in miracles, I'm making
my shit happen.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Hold me and lie to me, and tell me it will be ok. I won't hesitate to put a sucker on his
fuckin' back. Peace to all the peeps who represent. The few that keep it true, we won't forget.

It's time for some mother fuckin' action