Empty (Interlude) Songtext

Queen Naija

von missunderstood…still

Empty (Interlude) Songtext
No, ooh, ooh
Oh-ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh, ooh-oh
Hmm, hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm
Yeah, yeah

Why I feel so empty inside?
I feel like I just can't get it right
Why do all my days feel like nights?
Part of me I'm still tryin' to find
Feel like I just can't belong
Never really been on my own
Tryna turn a house into a home
I'm startin' to know what's right and what's wrong
Too many questions, not enough answers
I don't know where to start, swear my chest feeling heavy
Thoughts gettin' scary, pickin' myself all apart
And it feels like a mountain, I just can't seem to climb
What if it's a cloud in my mind, I'm racin' up against time
I'm drownin' deep in the ocean, yeah, my heart still alive
I feel much too weak to fight but I gotta get up and try

Oh, oh, ooh, ooh woah
Oh, oh, ooh, ooh woah, ooh woah, ooh woah
Oh, oh, ooh-ooh
Yeah, yeah, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh