Emerald Bay Songtext

Jonas Friedman

von Smile

Emerald Bay Songtext
It's you and me on an emerald bay
All the fears and storms of yesterday
Have been set aside, we're going for a ride

And as we set a sail the sun gleams down
Accenting roof tops of our small town
Where we grew up and had lots of friends
Collecting memories like coins to be easily dispensed, and spent

And as we set the sail the lake was calm
Until the clouds began to turn
And our skin became more like leather
Our heads coated with gray and white fur
I stared blankly at a girl I know well
As her eyes began to swell, her mouth attempted to spell...

You've gotten so old...
We've gotten so old
You've gotten so old
I still love you though, always and forever

And we sailed until the waves below
Sunk to a shallow sand
And the sails went down as the wind breathed out
It's last breath with my hand
Cupping yours as we always do, cause there's no ship if there's no you
Always and forever

Written By Jonas Friedman
Copyright 2007 Rolling Records