Druski Phone Skit Songtext

Rod Wave

von Beautiful Mind

Druski Phone Skit Songtext
Brother, brother, brother, what's goin’ on with you?
Shit, man, you know, I'm—, I'm at the studio with Rod Wave
No, you lyin’
I swear to God I am
Put him on, uh, video
Is he in the booth or what?
Yeah, he in the booth, I'm—, I'm—, I'll—
Tell that nigga to spit that "Cold Winter"
Haha, what you know about that?
Well, I wanna see that shit my damn self, on Blood
What you mean, on Blood? Nigga, your ass was never Blood
I'm deadass serious, Dru'
Bill, when you get in Blood?
I'm talkin' ’bout the gang Blood, gang
Oh shit, I ain’t—, wait, did you—
Did they jump you in?
Bloods and Crips
Y'all know this my real—, this my blood brother now
Any message you wanna give to Rod Wave, Bill?
Tell him I said, uh, just keep doin’ what he doin' 'cause, you know
It's really makin’ a big change out there in the—, in the—, in the—, in the hood and in the community
We got love for you
He said keep—, he said, "Keep God in your life, fuck nigga"
He said what?
He said, "Keep God in your life, fuck nigga"
Who said that?
Rod Wave
Who is he talkin' to?
Nigga, what the fuck?
Alright, call me back