Drug Church Songtext
I was taken by her [?] to the claws of anxiety where I cook the cosmic cookie and once the Amazon rivers my mind where I met Og the keeper of the keys and he told me
Now the final stages are set for the war with the family because now they know. They know now that I am gonna do something horrible. You are the one who pushed me over this line. This time, you see, [?] and people pluckеd at my skin
It was all to make me stronger. I'm not takin' any prisonеrs now. Like an [?] when they were feasting and rejoicing [?]
No prisoners, no prisoners

Look, you sleepin' the feds watchin
Murder spree, robbin dough boy, like I'm Tex Watson
Pool of blood, cold red tide and the red toxin
September 2nd, 1990, in Wisconsin
I do a lotta knife-talk
View from inside, and this yoppa turn your lights off
I'm [?] Howard with the nighthawk
Crime spree, give him three sixes and a nice tuck
I used to sneak the blicky on the seventh
With a bunch of Porta Ricans rockin' fifty four .11's
They tried to hit me with possession
And told me if I told on myself that I'd get to steppin'
You must be out your fuckin' mind
[?], I'm liftin' you out your fuckin' spine
Billy Hulk, I'm givin' somebody the drug
It hurt when you gotta kill somebody you love