Dolce Vita Songtext
Hey, baby girl, I just wanna take you to the good life, my dolce vita
to the sweet life babey, the sweet life babey, to the sweet life babey

oh mh
I've been watchin this relationship for a long, long time
and I don't even know what to say about it no
this man don't love you
oh what's the matter, baby girl, are you blind?
and you don't have to waste no time
I introduce you to a beautiful life
let me show you
ain't no stoppin
me and you could sail on top the whole damn world
and we ain't never got to come down down down down
the temperature is droppin
and it's a damn shame that he treats you so cold,
open up your eyes, take a look at your soul
it's time to go!
Are you ready?
Dolce Vita
come and run away with me
I can show ya
Dolce Vita
I just wanna see a smile back on your face my baby
Dolce Vita
you're never gonna be happy with him and you know it
if you just say a word and we'll get away from here

off to live the good life
Daytime, number
it's the only way I get to talk to you
it's the only time you get away from the big bad wolve babe (from the big bad wolve baby)
and my mind wonders
everytime I think about you two
When I think about what he is doing to you
how could he be so cruel to you

off to live the good life
We could fly away
I know you're gonna find somebody
who's gonna treat you like a real lady
and who will go wherever you want with you baby (with you baby)
a man who won't let nothin' stop him from giving you the good life
everryday is gonna be alright
just trust me
let me show you uuuhhh
Ref. 2x

the good liiiife, sweet, sweet life, mh the sweet, sweet life, Dolce Vita, my Dolce Vita

(Thanks to Franzi for these lyrics)