Deux Petites Melodies Songtext

Hubert Von Goisern

von Federn

Deux Petites Melodies Songtext
i have this little melody, it carries all my dreams
it goes to places i have seen a long long time ago
each note does have a memory and stories full of wonder
of people that i met along the way.

some still go strong, some are long gone, some sure went straight to heaven
to take some rest until the day, life's breath comes back again
then we will share some songs again and moments full of wonder
with melodies, that bring back memories.
es war amoi a melodie de hat ma was erzählt
hat meine träum dahin entführt wo i nu nia bin g'wesen
a jeder ton der tragt mi fort, bis weit über de wolken
da siagt ma dann den regenbogen von oben