Desire Songtext


von Triafata

Desire Songtext
Desire, that burns inside me
Howls, wants us to have
A besetting sin

Take my vicious hand
Step with me into the circle of delight
Cross the river of lust
Break the border of fervourland

I am the fallen angel
The fall on the range of death
For ages

Desire - older brother of Love
So resemble closely to each other
Both taking the mind
Both scraping against madness

Is Love worthy of our blood
Is Desire worthy of our lives

Giant roses blow on the slopes
Of the fall on the range of death
I am the fallen angel
Who's fallen for ages
Trying to catch the thorns

Necklace of fustiness winds
Around my neck
I suffocate with my involucre
Job's turtledoves call me
To Love and