Denunciation Songtext

Unholy Ghost

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Denunciation Songtext
Denouncication of the weak
Haunting creation then begins
Dreams to confirm their existence
Ripped away, killed with defiance!

Powerless in a state of vision
Distorted rape imagination
Strive for apparent mental murder
Leave behind ashes of torture
Hate speech reach into insanity
Down fall fell into obscurity

Infiltrate them like they are blinded sheep
Vulnerable that they are weak

Subdivide, deliverance takes control
The truth is reaped of the weary souls
Plummet into their own demise
Stay above, sink down and die!

Simulation of power inhabit the doomed world
Body and soul may die lack of healing power
Into the mystical spirit forces of nature
The fires burn bright keeper of the dead

Gods of fire, never to burn
Forces of Evil, in a material form