Decieved Songtext


von Pebble

Decieved Songtext
And you wonder why I've got so much anger built up inside.
You pushed, you shoved, it was beat down on me. I always
said hold on. Don't listen it's all lies. It was so easy to say
but it was too hard for me. I watched you fall to their deceiving.
I stopped and watched as you were leaving. Comprehend,
understand, not until now. He deceived you to deceive to me.
Fall victim internally, suffering eternally, conflicting his
unlimited mercy. I won't be deceived, never will I, cried many
times suffering. And why, deceived by you? I won't fall to
your lie. You intoxicated me. Environment intoxicated me.
Good or bad environment influences all of you. Right or
wrong environment intoxicates. Against my will I wish it
wasn't that way. I'm sorry you've got to beat it on me like
it was the truth. Now I know what it feels like to be deceived