Crazy About Mary Songtext

The Bosshoss

von Do Or Die

Crazy About Mary Songtext
Packed my bag, my guitar,
the sound of Chuck Berry in my car.
Got bored of sitting in my trailer by the sea.
I headed north, cross the prairie,
in thirty days I want to find my Mary.
Made up my mind I want to get things back in line.
I know it's been a while and I'm the one to blame.
But Mary, let's start all over again.

Oh, Mary, I want you to know,
I never met a better girl than you after a show.
I hope you're still around and my longing's not in vain.
Mary, let's start all over again.

I go crazy 'cos I'm ready for you
don't turn my brown eyes blue.
I want to be with you 'cos I'm crazy for you
and I hope you're crazy for me, too.

You never called, I wonder why
I guess you just were a little too shy.
Mary, that's okay, I understand
and true love needs its time.
You never answered all my letters.
Probably you didn't have no time.
No rush, I understand, why beat around the bush.

I'm on my way to you and I hope it's not in vain.
Mary, let's start all over again.
I go crazy...