Crashing Songtext
I've made up my mind about all of the things that are keeping you from being here,
cause you've taken your time wasting all of mine.
The path you chose was crystal clear.
Oh, how the months seem to fade like the clouds pass away, and I'm falling like rain, prayed to God it was May.

Pick me up off the pavement.
Lift me up to the sky.

Oh, how I ache to be your mind, the spark that never left your eyes,
how I'd hoped to be the one thing you'd never leave behind.
You've got your motives, like I've got this bottle.
The way things are headed, they won't be gone for quite a while.

On and on, slow it begins.
The weight of the world comes crashing within.
I've got these pills and I've got this guitar,
have a nice trip, and I'll see you next fall.