Cowards Songtext
Protecting women of color I discovered
A fiendish plot of the micro dots
That has to be uncovered
The truth has been smothered
About the queens who mothered
Every form that's physical
They're tryna instill those signals
Program the umbilical
Modify the biological and dispose with the spiritual
I travel through digital
Appear in a spatial spectrum of your prism
But I appear with rhythm
I move with that momentum
Spawn to deliver justice
To the unattainable criminal
He will not be forgiven
How dare you attack my system
How dare you attack my wisdom
Tryna ransack my system
Attacking my women and childrеn

Our way
As I fight to rephrase our ways down by the tree
Cowards, I go to
It nеver really occurred to me that this could be the path for me
I want to know but lie to me, lie to me, lie to me, lie to me
I took a life like me the day
The curse of sex I lead astray
Don't want to be
It's not hard to see I'm guilty I killed him
Adieu to you I bid adieu to you
Count me out I was drunk
Cycle and disaster what a poor bastard
I'm through
It's clear to me that i will be to late
Tell me why I advocate the things that now I've come to hate
I want to try
Over and over I swear to myself
I will try
Oh god why
We've only defaced when we lie
Living the lies and we won't fight for lives and we cower
Take the shortcut and cut through our home
How can we be who we say that we are when we live our lives