Converse Musik Songtext
Farid they out here jackin my style man
yeah they can't do it like us though
cashville to Maroco you know
these niggas out here bitin my style

stop ok look who just walked in
and you was thinkin that the DEA just caught him
you rappers start leavin, got a text they caught wind
that i was coming they just didn't know i was off in
i bought 10 tickets we came to kick it
and knowin by the end of the night i would be convicted
barred from the hood you niggas restricted
i turned my whole situation around Mike Vicked it
first shot i miss i think i still nicked it
shit change when you watch your mama get evicted
in this game bitch niggas will get it twisted
until their family get a visit
we out here gettin rich of this powder
ya know what i mean?
we sell dope and do it proud
f*ck a rapper bitch go get you a style
and after that go find you a crowd

das ist converse Musik geht du Young Buck biten
doch meine Bruder sie schmeisen auf panzer steine
converse Musik 5000 euro black jack
das ist wie weight watchers jeder kriegt sein fett weg

converse Musik gruß an meine fans aus stuttgart
bist du pfadfinder oder wieso trägst du rucksack?
converse Musik der perfekte song
ich übernehm den markt den airmax sind out

(Dank an Nino4711 für den Text)