Committed For Life Songtext

7 Seconds

von Committed For Life

Committed For Life Songtext
Some year's gone by but I believe - Still!
And in my heart I still feel - Real!
I'd rather die before I'd call it quits
Cos I can't feel the way that you feel

A commitment, that will remain inside
Just something I will never forget
Don't tell me, that it's just my pride,
A built in part of what's inside my head
I've sacrificed a lot and still feel strong - Still!
But odds were that it wouldn't last for long - Wrong!
Beliefs and views get stronger every way
Tell me friend just where you stand today

People say I've changed, say I'm much different now
I've lost friends, jobs, money so tell me why...
Let me hear your reasons, cuz I shaved my head
And it changed my head
What about our friendship, you say I'm such a bore
And I'm "too" hardcore
Now you just ignore me, well fuck you man
Are you happy now?
Promises were broken, but who broke them first?