Come Back Songtext
I ask myself the question why before I break down and cry
my friends are falling left and right
was it faith or just an act that got you to the point you're at?
I don't know but I want you back
so just tell me why?- I really want to know
no way- I'll never let you go
no I- am with you till the end
just bring back the old you once again
I never will forget those words from your mouth that I once heard you don't know how much they hurt
you told me you could care no more for something you used to live for this can't be happening to you so make up your mind there's not much time the answer is waiting for you every knee is gonna bow and all the people will confess what Jesus Christ is all about here's the reason you must know so you don't become one of those all by yourself in the end, left wondering WHY?!