City, Country, City Songtext

Marthia Sides

von Born Again in Country

City, Country, City Songtext
Daddy's workin' he's a Sunday Man. Something else gettin' in the plan.
Va raised livin'n the beach. Sense of pride and security.
The bible belt's been good to me. So much more that I need to see. They say VA's for lovers that's good enough for others.
Always knew where I was gonna be.

Stuck between the city, country, city. Always had the best of both within' me. Stuck between the city, country ,city.
Kinda girl.

Apple empire my desire. Landed here like a wildfire. Should I laugh or should I cry? Hey there y'all look me in the eye.
Sittin' here with my back to the wall. Gotta go way back. Gotta get to what's real. Runnin' nothern shades with a southern


Now I know how it's gonna be. To get them all eatin' out the palm of my hand. Don't wanna be to city. Don't wanna be to
country, if I can.