Chocolate Chip Cookies Songtext

Wise Guys

von Wo Der Pfeffer Wächst

Chocolate Chip Cookies Songtext
Jetzt neu mit verbessertem Rezept!

In the mixing bowl put butter, 200g cut thin,
then soft brown sugar from our sugar tin.
Now you take white sugar and you cream to a paste
200g of each of them gets that great taste.
2 beaten eggs are next, gradually you add them,
mixing well the whole time 'til your arms are achin'.
Make sure it's all creamy smooth, 'cos that will guarantee their
Success - any expert would agree there.

Teaspoon of baking powder, 5 drops Vanilla Essence.
Now fold in the flour, 600g (or maybe up to 7).
Oh yeah! And half a teaspoon of salt, I just remembered.
The combination tastes really quite intense.
Two bars of plain choc-olate in little pieces
And you stir them in briefly - the gorgeous smell increases….
Once it's all done transfer the dough into a sealed container.
Now you can lick the bowl and put it on the drainer.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I'm baking Chocolate Chip Cookies
Because my Chocolate Chip Cookies
Are irresistable (as you can tell).

The dough needs to chill inside the fridge a day and night.
'cos what you want is bite, and they'll get that alright.
I'm off to have a nice day now, spend the night at play -
Tomorrow will be judgement day!
You heat up the oven to hundred and eighty C
Baking paper's good; now the dough will have to be
rolled into little balls and spread out by hand -
Mind-e the gap, 'cos these babies expand.

Bake on the middle rack ten, fifteen mins or so;
Time enough for dishes; get some coffee on the go.
Open up, get them out; this moment is so rare:
The instant of completion, loved by artists everywhere.
And if by some bad luck I end up with some burnt ones
I'll send them to my Grandma; the best behaved of Grandsons,
and save the best ones for my love to try.
P.S. the ingredients can be fun to modify.

Chocolate Chip Cookies