Children Songtext
Where have all of our children gone?
Innocent of all, the world that`s so bad,
It`s no wonder that it`s so wrong,
When they are alone,
In truth they aren`t that strong.

Children, children,
Exspectations great and small, from afar we,
See them fall,
Children, sweet children,
Who'll be watching out for you, who`ll be there,
To guide you through?

Where have all of the children gone?
Thought to be a ware of dangers out there,
In the streets and in the schools,
In a world so cruel,
Who keeps changing all the rules.


Where are all of our children now?
Some hungry abused neglected confused,
Hey little girl is your mama home,
No I'm all alone,
These are the words that say it all.

Children, who`ll be watching out for you,
who`ll be there to guide you through