Change Songtext
Sorry For What I Forgot To Say
But You Know How Words Get In The Way Baby..Lately

Was I Strong Enough To Cut Right Through
All The Retting Between Me And You, Baby
Time Escapes Me
Whats It Gonna Take To Shake These Blues
Pushing Through The Clouds Just To Get To You
Can't Hold Back
The Storm Thats Blowing Through Yeah

I Feel The Change Babe
Washing Over Me
I Feel The Rains Babe
Coming To Set Me Free
Its A One Way Track Aint Coming Back
The Train's About To Leave
I Feel The Change Coming Over Me

Never Notice That Is Kinda Strange
Saying Stories But A Different Day Lately
Ohh Baby
Gotta Get Em Gotta Change This Scene
Gotta Rip This Page From The Magazine


I Aint Tryin To Be Difficult No No
I Aint Trying To Be Me
I Just Gotta Do Right Now Whats Best For Me


Ohh Yea Yea
I Feel The..
I Feel The..
Change Coming Over Me
Rains Washing Down On Me Coming To Set Me Free Baby
I Feel The Change Yea
I Feel The Change Yea
A One Way Track I Aint Never Coming Back
The Trains About To Leave Baby
I Feel The Change Yea