Champagne Songtext
Mm, leave those

Reconsider those wrongs
As their old days gone by
I still know that I love you
That champagne won't last forever
Don't regrets what we've done
For you only live twice
Sell them kissing stars
Sun, moon, and stars

Darling, I'm alive

Oh, oh
I won't live and let die
A single memory laying here
Soldiers say, "Let's fight"
Love me, in spite of stormy weather
Watch a hummingbird rise
I never wanted to say "I do"
One day you and I will look back at the star

Darling, I'm alive
Darling, I'm alive
I was broken, look at me now, I'm fine
You were wrong about us
So why would I fall in lie?
Too in love, our flames
Together, we burn so bright
Now I stand alone
But look at my shine
Look at my shine, I'm alive

Darling, I'm alive
I'm alive
Darling, I'm alive (Ooh)
I'm alive