Casualties Of Glass Songtext

Martha And The Muffins

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Casualties Of Glass Songtext
Once again, flaring white,
tortured words infect the night.
You said there was no comfort
in intervening grey,
Afraid the sound would kill you
If you stayed another day.

Casualties of glass.

Crying out, like a child,
driven wild, full of doubt.
You fear that fife will rob you
of all that you deserve,
Your new-found friends assure you
all it takes is nerve.

Casualties of glass.

Of broken hearts and old cliches,
weary entertainers praise.
The record flaks yell "Keep it up!"
The pounds they make aren't quite enough.

Casualties of glass.

Temporarily cancel all available light,
Place the index on nerve end,
Stroke until it goes soft.
Don't lose hope.
It's the business of dreamtime,
Plan to do what you want,
Use the science of running,
Now and then we connect.
Don't lose hope.