Carefree Black Man Songtext

KeY Wane

von It's Crazy Outside

Carefree Black Man Songtext
Oh my gosh, take a look at that Porsche in the garage
Presidential Rolex on my arm, my money was a mirage
Now I been housed in the Belag’
And everytime they greet me like a god, living carefree

Ryan spazzin
I don’t ride nobody wave
I’m a writer
That my autobiographic right of passage
I’m the coldest flowin, I should say
Niggas wanna live my life for a day
Winnin' always been in my forte
I been Winnin' since the ice age days
I’m been independent since they tried to put me in the penitention, I was innocent
I spent hours in the pen
I spent hours with the pen
I spent hours top of hours to make sure we stay on top of ours
Like the number 12
A whole lot of everything is what I’m peddling
Is what I come to sell
I’m in love with being on fire
I am what you call a fucking fire addict
Roll up on you while you in the drive thru
Just so I can take your tires
Run those and order me some fries and a burger while you at it
Y'all prefer to Lolly-gag and not me
I’m certified to murder, body bag it
Driving down the driveway, droppin' down the top
I don’t pop no mollies, I put mine in park
Hoppin out the car
Box you out the bar
Basquiat you just so I can watch you scar
I’m been clownin' out in Abu Dhabi
I’m been China shopping
Nigga I been rockin' scarves
I’m hip hop new star
I been topping charts
I’m 2Pac to y'all
Y'all just carbon copies, Y'all been coppin' bars
I ain’t talkin' bout from Xany dealers either
Panty peeler, please our rocks ain’t got no flaws
Handle millimeters, canons with the beamers
Standin' with the skeezers
Smokin' cannabis sativa