Calypso King Songtext
Gotta tale for you all
Makes you jump never makes you crawl
When it does my job is done
Lot hotter than the southern sun
So hitch a ride come down town
What you've lost is what I've found
Tell your friend to the side
Lets get ready for a ride

Hey ho Calypso King
With the yellow suit and a pinky ring
Before you dance before you sing
Hey ho Calypso King

Well am I movin to fast
With a pace like this I'm not sure it'll last
Pull the lever to her heart Got to send me
Got to send me
Got to send me
Gots to send me on my ways
Can't keep up well it's not my fault

Pull a feather from a hat
Cause you know I ain't finished yet
When I am I'll start to sing
Calypso King

Pitch a penny against the wall
Just got time to take a fall
Cats and birds all got dressed
Lickin and splittin in the hole in the head
So keep the motion which has spawned
Throw those shoes to the floor
Who cares if your hair's a mess
Wipe the sweat off with your dress

Take your bows to the Calypso King