Call Me Songtext
Mhhh yeah
Tell me what I should do
just seems I'm falling so deep into you
why did it take me so long to find
someone so perfect, someone so right
baby I love you and that's no mistake
I have imagined this moment for life
I have spent many days, and so many nights
holding my pillow, as I close my eyes
Baby, just call me if you need me babey
you can reach me babey
Baby, just call me, if you need me I'm there
anytime I'll be there through it all

I have known so much pain
now that you've come you clear up the rain (my rain)
you give me sunshine all through the night
everythin you do it just seems to be right
oh I'm not afraid to go on no more
you picked me up off the floor
Made me the woman that I wanna be
and it's cause of you, cause you're all that I live ohhh

I have spent so many nights
dreamin about
finding that someone that fits in my life
so full of passion, so full of life
Ref. 2x

ohhh, just call me yeah and ohhohhohhoh call me

(Thanks to Franzi for these lyrics)