Break My Chains Songtext


von Vultures Die Alone

Break My Chains Songtext
Walking through the fire
I knew I was weak, I suffered
Wading through the mire
My life felt so bleak and draining

Every word, every shot aimed to stain me
I died every day, I withered away
No escape, felt like no one could save me
But I will not fall, I will burn it all
Inside of my prison walls
I've wept and I've crawled
I will burn it all
And I won't die here
I won't be falling
I won't be crying over you

I'll carry on, I'll grow stronger
I won't be crawling
I won't be dying over you
I'll overcome all my fears
I'll break my chains

And I won't die here
Faded, but undying
Years flew and my heart grew harder
More than just surviving

I'm vibrant, I'm strong, I'm breathing
Every tear, every wound meant to shape me
I'm not here to fall, I'm not here to fade
No retreat, there's no force that could break me
No surrender and I won't die here